Liberty the Arson Dog visits TSC’s early childhood center

Liberty the Arson Dog visits TSC's early childhood center.

“We focused on home escapes and the value of practicing them,” said Marisela Nava, TSC Child Care Center manager. “Liberty the Arson Dog aligned well with what we were discussing during Fire Prevention Week. Ashley and Liberty also help teach our children about the different people who live and work in our communities, and the different types of jobs that they have. We hope the information they were provided stays with them and they share it with their families at home.”.

South Padre Island Fire Investigator Ashley Bowen, who is also Liberty’s trainer, talked to the preschoolers about the importance of fire prevention and fire safety..

“It’s really important for us to go out into the community and talk to kids about fire safety, in general,” said Bowen. “Liberty is an amazing ambassador for fire safety because he keeps the attention of the children and if we say that Liberty says it, we find that the kids relate better. We also explain to the kids the importance of fire safety and what Liberty provides to the community so that they are aware of the many programs that exist.”.