Early Childhood program ‘Jump with Jill’

The unprecedented performance at TSC on Oct. 21, 2016 was in partnership with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). “Jump with Jill” is a music-based nutrition education program that promotes healthy eating using the same media tools as mainstream music and entertainment.

“Jump with Jill assists with training to promote learning about fruits and vegetables, exposing these values to children while they are in childcare programs,” said Angie Martinez, TDA field operations manager. “Low-income families sometimes don’t have access to educational programs about healthy foods so they can learn. Jump with Jill teaches kids to enhance their healthy eating and exposes them to nutrition at a young age.”

The “Jump with Jill” performance marked the first time the show has ever been brought to the Rio Grande Valley as part of the TDA Farm Fresh Initiative. The show was performed for a crowd of 30 preschoolers, ranging from ages 3 to 5, with parents and special guests as on-lookers.

“We believe that learning healthy habits should start at a young age” said TSC Childcare Development Manager Marisela Nava. “Empowering children to make good healthy eating habits promotes learning, and that is our focus.”

“Jump with Jill” has received two Emmy nods, two Telly Award wins, and utilizes three touring casts that travel around the world to perform for children of varying ages.

“TSC was awesome, the facility is just beautiful and the staff was wonderful,” said Renee Zelinksi, who performed the part of Jill. “The kids sang and danced their hearts out. When they sing and dance about healthy food, it sticks in their minds more and while they’re having fun, they can remember it better.”

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