Get Worked Up About Your Future!


Eric Kennedy, President and South Texas Division Employee Owner, SpawGlass

“In our industry we need more professional craftsman and we’re excited for the vision Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Fleishman have provided. This facility is going to provide what we need in this industry, which is a pipeline of professionals. So thank you for making this happen Dr. Rodriguez and Texas Southmost College.”

Eric Kennedy


Jaime Guerra, Staffing and Regional Manager, Brand Safeway

“I’m impressed with the hands-on training and experience that students are gaining here at TSC. Their new facility and programs are impressive. There is a need for skilled craft workers and I thank TSC for meeting that demand. As a partner with TSC, our goal is 100% job placement.”

Jaime Guerra


Robert Berry, Vice President, European Metal Recycling

“I want to thank TSC and its leadership for all of the hard work that has gone into creating this impressive training facility. For years the export in our region has been our people because of the lack of training, but at TSC, with its state-of-the-art equipment I can tell that this is some of the best training out there that will allow students to go straight to work.”

Robert Berry


Lt. Kirk Massey, Training Director, Brownsville Police Department

“At least 90% of our officers come from the TSC Police Academy and they’re trained and ready. The intelligence that comes out of this program is amazing. “And I can’t say enough about the training facility and advanced technology and simulator this academy offers. I commend everyone at TSC. This training facility is incredible; top notch.”

Lt. Kirk Massey


Pat Hobbs, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions Cameron

“What TSC has put into place with its workforce training is fantastic for our area. Trade skills are important to the workforce and TSC is training for high demand jobs. This is going to mean success for our region. I applaud TSC for its new workforce training labs equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. This is taking industry training to a new level.”

Pat Hobbs


Trey Mendez, Mayor for the City of Brownsville

“The growth we are seeing at TSC is more than we could have ever envisioned and I’m excited for everything that continues to unfold. We are the fastest growing community college in the state. I thank TSC and its Board of Trustees for having the mindset to move forward for the college and the community. And, because I’m a strong believer in workforce development and the impact it has on our community, I know that this facility and collaboration between entities gives our city a bright future.”

Trey Mendez