TSC Beyond: Weekend College

Earn your Associate Degree by coming to school just on Saturdays

The Weekend College at TSC provides a unique opportunity for working adults, who cannot typically enroll in courses during the work week, to complete their associate degree within two years. Courses are 8-weeks and 5-weeks long and are offered in a blended (hybrid) format where 75% of the coursework will be delivered online, and 25% of the coursework will be delivered in person on Saturdays.

The TSC Beyond: Weekend College will begin Fall 2022.

Registration for Fall 2022 courses are now open and will continue until the Fall semester begins. To take one small step for your education and one giant leap for your career, join the TSC Beyond: Weekend College and begin by enrolling in:

Fall Cohort will sign up for

  • ENGL-1301-S01 Composition I
  • HIST-1301-S01 United States History I
  • SOCI-1301-S01 Introduction to Sociology
  • HIST-1302-S01 United States History II

Spring 2022 Cohort will sign up for

  • BIOL-1308-S01 Biology 1 for Non-Science Majors
  • SPCH-1305-S01 Public Speaking
  • BIOL-1309-S01 Biology II for Non-Science Majors
  • MUSI-1306-S01 Music Appreciation

TSC Course Schedule

Step 1: Select the term “Fall 2022.”
Step 2: Type a course subject into the “Subject” search field.
Step 3: Type a course number associated with the subject into the “Course Number” search field.
Step 4: Click the “Submit” button.
Step 5: Search the courses with sections of S01-S99 for example, ENGL-1302-S01 or HIST 1302-S01. A “S” in the section code designates the Saturday course sections.

For more information about the TSC Beyond: Weekend College, please contact Dr. David Pearse at [email protected].