TSI Scores

TSI COVID-19 Alternative Placement

For non-exempt students (high school completers) enrolling at higher education institutions in summer 2020 and 2020-2021 Academic Year, any one of the following can be used to indicate college readiness:

* TSI-A testing via proctoring through Zoom facilitated by TSC Testing Office
* High School GPA of 3.0 or higher
* 4 years of high school English and/or 4 years of high school Math

Non-exempt students (high school completers) who have previously taken and did not pass the TSIA in one or all areas may be placed in college-level courses using any of the alternative options listed in the bulleted list directly above.

If tested TSI at High School, student must submit 2 items in TSC Testing Office:
* Student must have TSC ID number and a form of Picture ID

  1. Proof of Pre-Assessment (PAA) completion, that may be provided to student by high school. The proof of completion may be a memo, letter, certificate, or high school’s data system, that provides student’s name, date of birth, and date of PAA completion.
  2. Official TSI scores, in a sealed envelope by high school.

If tested TSI at College/University: 2 options
* Student must have TSC ID number and a form of Picture ID

  1. Student must submit TSI scores to TSC Testing Office. If scores are unofficial, student must sign a release form before Testing staff accepts scores.
  2. Or, if scores are Official (in a sealed envelope), Testing staff will accept scores.

* NO FEE for scores.

  1. Student will fill out REQUEST OFFICIAL SCORE form.
  2. Scores will be available within 24-hour wait period.