Student Emergency Aid Program

Student Emergency Aid Program

Have you had or are you having an unexpected expense that is affecting your ability to continue enrolled at TSC?

The Emergency Aid program is available to address student emergency needs that are usually urgent, non-recurring, and involve relatively small costs.

Emergency funds are provided through deposits or checks. These funds can help to provide necessary funds in a wide range of scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Housing and living expenses
  • Car repairs or transportation issues
  • Childcare
  • Family emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Tuition
  • Medical expenses
  • Household supplies
  • Food items
  • Basic Necessities

Emergency aid funding is limited; however, Student Success Coaches will work with you to connect you to outside resources.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Exhibit an unanticipated financial emergency
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours when the funding is being requested


  • Be attending a Workforce/Continuing Education program when funding is being requested

Award Process

  1. Student submits Student Emergency Aid Program application.
  2. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the student is notified via phone and/or email.
  3. Financial Aid will award student as part of their financial aid package.
  4. Finance Office will process direct deposit via Bank Mobile. Processing time can range from 3-7 business days.

Have additional questions? Contact your Student Success Enrollment coach at (956) 295-3640 or via email at [email protected].