Elections Guidelines

  • Submit the SGA member and SGA officer application by September 11 2020.
  • Elections will be held September 28 and September 29 on MYTSC Canvas.
  • Polls will be open to all currently enrolled TSC Students. Student will log on to Canvas using their credentials.
  • A 200 word statement will be required to be submitted by each candidate no later than Friday, September 18. The statement should outline your prior service to the SGA, college, and community. It should also outline any future goals you wish to accomplish with the SGA. These statements will be placed at the Camille Lightner Center to further educate voters.
  • Any and all flyers must be approved by the Executive Director of Student Life before being distributed/posted. Derogatory statements, suggestive photographs, any and all other offensive material, deemed inappropriate by the Director of Student Life, will not be approved.