Online Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability and plan to take TSC courses online, we encourage you to contact Disability Services. If you are in the Brownsville – Harlingen area, we prefer to meet with you personally if possible. The Counselor can often use information from your own self-report, together with professional judgment, to determine the accommodations, if any, for which you qualify. Documentation can be faxed to our office or emailed. For online and extension campus students, Disability Services usually notifies you and your professors of approved accommodations via e-mail. It is to your benefit to register with Disability Services as soon as possible. Some accommodations can be set up easily while others may take considerable time to arrange. Once registered with Disability Services, you must request accommodations in a timely manner every semester. To make an online disability intake appointment please download VSee to your phone or computer. You must have microphone and webcam capabilities.