Frequently Asked Questions

How can Disability Services help me?
Each student is unique, so the answer to this question is different for each person. You, in consultation with the Counselor, will discuss and agree on accommodations for which you may be qualified.

Can I visit Disability Services even if I don’t have documentation with me?
Yes. Disability Services encourages you to contact the office whether or not you have documentation of a disability on hand.We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about services.

How can I find out if I qualify for support from Disability Services?
The best way to find out if you qualify is to visit the office. Onlinestudents can begin by calling or emailing disability services. We can even meet with you online (download the VSee app). You will then be able to have a conversation with the Counselor about your goals and previous barriers.

How will my professors know what accommodations I need?
Upon your request each semester, we will provide you with an Accommodation Request Form. This form will allow you to start a conversation with your instructors. The form lists the accommodations for which you are eligible. The instructor will sign the form and you will return it to Disability Services.

When should I pick up my Accommodation Request Forms?
We recommend you pick up your Accommodation Forms the week before class starts or the first week of class. Although there is no deadline for picking up Accommodation Request Forms from Disability Services, be aware that accommodations can take some time to implement and are not retroactive.

If I register with Disability Services, will my information be kept confidential?
Yes, the fact that you are registered with Disability Services is a private matter and does not appear on any official college records. However, when you talk to your professor about your accommodations, he or she will become aware that you qualify for these services.

Can you help online students with disabilities?
Yes. If you have a disability and plan to take TSC courses online, we encourage you to contact Disability Services.If you are in the Brownsville – Harlingen area, we prefer to meet with you personally if possible, but can also set up an appointment online. Please download theVSee app.

I have a disability but don’t need accommodations. Am I required to register with Disability Services?
It is entirely your choice whether to register with Disability Services. However, even if you don’t need accommodations, there can be an advantage to doing so. Students with disabilities are protected from discrimination by federal laws, and they often sign up just in case they have a need for services or support in a future semester.

Is there financial aid for students with disabilities?
Financial aid programs such as Pell grants and student loans are available to students with disabilities just as they are to other students.However, Texas residents who are legally blind or substantially deaf and meet certain other requirements can apply for a tuition waiver. Also, some students apply for and receive help from Texas Workforce Commission. There are some scholarships available to students with certain diagnoses at

I need more time on tests. How can I arrange for that?
If extended test time-usually time and a half–is one of your approved accommodations, you will first notify your instructor when you introduce yourself and ask him/her/them to sign your Accommodation Request Form. Once you return the signed form to Disability Services, you will be cleared to take tests with extra time that semester. In some cases, you may be able to get the extra time in the classroom. In others, you will need to arrange for each test by making a reservation at Disability Services at least 72 hours (three business days) in advance. Disability Services will request the test from your instructor, have it ready for you at the designated time, and return it to the instructor afterward.

Where can I take tests with extra time or in a distraction-reduced setting?
Disability Services has rooms set aside where students can take tests with no distractions or reduced distractions. You will need to make a reservation for each test by contacting us three business days in advance. Reservations can be made in person, online, by phone, or by e-mail.

How can I get books in alternate formats such as digital, audio, or Braille?
Eligible students can request alternate format books through Disability Services. The process can be time-consuming, so you are advised to request the books at least six weeks before you need them. In most cases, you will need a receipt showing that you purchased the book.

Can you help students who can’t use regular classroom furniture?
Yes. We understand that some students cannot use or are very uncomfortable using the seating in some classrooms. Disability Services does make classroom furniture arrangements upon request for those who register with the Office. Whether you use a wheelchair, have a back condition, or simply can’t fit in the standard furniture, we will do what we can to help.