How to Refer to TSC Counseling Center

The following are guidelines to know when and how to refer a student for counseling.

A. When to Refer

  1. When a student talks to you about a problem or asks for information that you feel uncomfortable or unqualified to handle.
  2. If you can tell that the student is reluctant to talk with you, for whatever reason, about the problem.
  3. When you notice a student’s behavior has changed significantly.

B. To Whom to Refer

Please refer the student to Counseling Services. You may contact us by phone at 956-295-3417 or email [email protected].

C. How to Refer

  1. You may want to share your concern for a student by suggesting that the student talk with the counselor. Information that you may want to share with the student about TSC Counseling Services that may lessen fears about going include:

a. The services are free.
b. Confidentiality is respected.
c. No record of counseling services is made on a student’s transcript or a job placement file.
d. Information will not be released without the student’s written permission (exceptions include if the student wants to hurt themselves or someone else.)

  1. Try to contact the counselor personally. If you cannot reach the counselor please contact the administrative assistant of Student Life to make arrangements. If it is an emergency, inform the administrative assistant so that she can contact the counselor or call campus security.
  2. Make the referral in as positive a way as possible. Clarify your reasons for giving the referral, so the student feels like he/she/they are being sent to a helping resource, rather than feeling rejected, denied or put-down.
  3. Do not release confidential information about the student in front of him/her.
  4. You may ask whether or not the student kept the appointment, but do not “pump” the student for information after the referral.