Evaluation Rating Standards

Both the employee and the evaluator are to use a three-point scale when evaluating performance levels.

3 Exceptional Performance
Performance consistently exceeds the requirements of the position. Performance is of an unusually high quality.

2.5 Exceeds Expectations
Performance frequently exceeds job requirements. Accomplishments are regularly above expected levels. Performance is sustained and uniformly high with thorough and on-time results.

2 Fully Meets Expectations
Performance completely meets the expectations of the position. Indicates that all assignments and objectives have been met. All core competencies were performed according to the requirements of the position.

1.5 Needs Further Development
Performance is noticeably less than expected. The employee generally meets most job requirements, but struggles to fully meet them all. The need for further development and improvement is clearly recognized.

1 Unsatisfactory Performance
Performance either does not meet or partially meets some but not all expectations. Further improvement is required for successful performance of the area in question.

Supervisors are allowed to and encouraged to award fractional points in order to fine tune the evaluation for the particular employee. Scores may be assigned by either full points or half points. Depending on the level of performance, a supervisor may award 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3. Documentation and supporting evidence of performance are strongly suggested and should be provided in the Comment box for each of the criteria in order to make the scores defendable should they be scrutinized.