First Year Experience

Texas Southmost College’s First Year Experience will provide new students a welcoming, exciting, and supportive environment that will engage students and give them a sense of belonging at TSC.

Students who participate in a New Student Orientation and/or enroll in a Freshmen Seminar (ORIN 0101) or Learning Frameworks (EDUC/PSYC 1300) course are participating in the First Year Experience. Students will engage in academic and social experiences that will foster a seamless transition into Texas Southmost College. Students will participate in various programs and activities offered through the Department of Student Life. Through programs, such as the Student Leadership Academy, students will enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills. Students will learn about career readiness and the importance of taking 15 semester credit hours to graduate on time.

TSC’s First Year Experience is designed to challenge and support new students during their first year on campus, as well as connect students to opportunities and resources that will help them achieve their academic goals. Through these first-year experiences and assignments, students will develop critical thinking skills that will allow students to identify, analyze, and understand viewpoints that differ from their own. Students will also be introduced to all the career and academic Pathways that TSC has to offer them. Finally, students will discover how collaboration across disciplines can help them solve local and global issues as illustrated by the following First Year Experience components:

  • Pathways
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Literacy
  • Student Service Information
  • Academic Support
  • Common Reader
  • Critical Thinking
  • Student Engagement