Work-Study Rights and Responsibilities

By accepting a Work-Study position, students become members of a department at TSC that depends on them.

  • Texas Southmost College is a Drug-Free Workplace.
  • WS position for which you are being hired is temporary and that you may or may not be continued beyond your original award period.
  • Student will not work during established class time since this violates the purpose of the work-study program.
  • Student must enroll and maintain at least six credits during the long semester and at least one credit for each summer session.
  • Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to maintain eligibility for Work-Study, as well as other financial aid programs.
  • Students should report to work on time, notify the supervisor when they will be late or absent.IMPORTANT! Insubordination, frequent absenteeism, tardiness, and poor performance will not be tolerated and will result in a termination. If you are unable to fulfill your duties due to illness or should an extenuating circumstance arise, which will result in yours tardiness, You will need to call your supervisor and advice him/her of your situation.
  • Dress appropriately for the work location (dress code should be discussed during the interview).
  • When asking for time off, students should consider the employer’s needs as well as their own.
  • In addition, some Work-Study positions may require access to confidential information abuse or misuse of such authorization is grounds for dismissal!
  • Work-Studies are not allowed to socialize/visit during their work schedule.
  • Students cannot earn more than the Work-Study award as listed on the Financial Aid Notification.
  • If a problem develops on the job, the first point of contact should be the supervisor.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved, the student should contact the Human Resources or Financial Aid Office.
  • Quitting a Work-Study job should be a decision of last resort.
  • There is no guarantee that the Work-Study award can be replaced with another type of aid or that the student can secure another WS position.
  • Students agree to abide by the regulations and policies as outlined in the TSC College Work-Study Handbook.
  • Failure to follow these policies and regulations may result in the cancellation of their Work-Study award and the loss of their Work-Study position.
  • Acceptance of a position through Work-Study implies a commitment to the employer for that current semester.

For additional information, please review Work-Study Handbook.