Work-Study FAQs

  1. What is work-study?
    Work-Study is part-time employment opportunity program to our students through Federal and State funds.
  2. Why is Work-Study so great?
    • Work-study provides real-world job experiences suited to your skills, preferences and possible career goals and the opportunity to develop career contacts.
    • The opportunity to earn money to help pay for your education expenses
    • Your work schedule will be arranged around your class schedule
    • Most of the positions are on campus.
    • Time management and grades: Studies have consistently shown that students who work no more than 20 hours per week have better grades than students who do not work. Additional time demands appear to force students to manage their time more efficiently, thus creating a higher commitment to study time by the student.
  3. How do I apply for the work-study program?
    Students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online using federal school code 030646.
  4. What are the enrollment requirements for Work-Study?
    Students must maintain at least half-time enrollment (6 credit hours) during the Fall and Spring Semester and one (1) credit hour for each summer sessions. Furthermore, students need to be meeting TSC SAP policies.
  5. Where can I look for work-study positions available at TSC?
    You can check online or you can check all the positions available on the bulletin board located outside the Financial Aid Office at Oliveira Building.
  6. What kind of Work-Study positions are available?
    Many of the Work-Study Positions are clerical but there are also positions in the childcare center, student life, student recruitment, tutors and computer labs.
  7. How do I know if I qualify for Work-Study?
    You need to verify if you qualify for the work-study program with one of the representatives at the financial aid office. Once we verify, we will provide the College Work-study Application.
  8. Where should I submit my College Work-Study Application?
    You need to submit your application in person at the Financial Aid Office with your resume and 3 references.  On the references, we only need the name of 3 persons (not family members) and the phone numbers.  We recommend students submit applications at least 4-3 weeks before the semester starts.PLEASE USE ONLY PEN TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED IN PENCIL WILL NOT BE CONSIDER.
  9. How is the hiring process for the Colle Work-Study Program?
    Supervisors will come to the Financial Aid Office and will review all the applications. They will take only applications that are related to their department or if the student put “any positions available†or “openâ€.  Supervisors will contact the students to set up interviews. Once all the interviews are completed, the supervisor will select the top candidate and will submit all documents to financial aid. Financial Aid Office will work on student’s College Work-Study Referral and will submit all documents to Human Resources. Human Resources will check student’s background and will call the student to complete the hiring documents.
  10. What about the interview?
    Students need to be punctual at least 15 minutes before the interview starts. Dress appropriately for the interview. You can take letters of recommendations if you have available. You don’t need to take a copy of your resume because the supervisors already have copies.
  11. When can I start working as a work-study?
    You will be able to work only when you are clear from Human Resources and they give you the “Authority to Report to Work Formâ€. If you don’t have this form on hand, you cannot work.
  12. What if I submitted my resume and I never received a call from any of the supervisors?
    If you did not receive a call from a supervisor that means that your application was not selected it. Now, remember your application will be in the pool in case we lose a Work-Study during the semester. Make sure you always update your phone number in case your application is selected later during the semester. Your application will be good only for the semesters that you select in your application for that academic year.
  13. How much will I be paid under the Work-Study Program?
    All Work-Study jobs are paid $8.50 per hour currently.  Regardless of your hourly wage, you cannot earn more than your semester’s Work-Study Award. 
  14. Does College Work-study qualify for employment benefits?
    No, Work-Study students are not eligible for paid vacations, sick leave, holidays, medical or dental Insurance.
  15. Can a College Work-Study student make up the hours from a holiday?
    No, CWS are not eligible to make up the hours when we have a day off due to a holiday. Students need to work only the hours scheduled for the rest of the week. 
  16. When will I be getting paid?
    College Work-Study students will be paid every two weeks and you need to submit a timecard to your supervisor. CWS students need to follow TSC Payroll Calendar(Part-Time Employees).
  17. What will my work schedule be as a work-study student?
  18. The work schedule will be determined by your supervisor using the following guidelines:

    • Student cannot work during class time.
    • Student cannot work more than 8 hours per day.
    • Student cannot work more than fifteen (15) hours in one week. 
  19. Can I have more than one Work-study job?
    No, you cannot work in two work-study positions at the same time.
  20. Can I work as a Work-study and Student Worker at the same time?
    No, a student cannot be working as a Work-Study and Student Worker at the same time. 
  21. Will I get Work-Study every semester?
    Work-Study eligibility is based upon performing the assigned job duties in a satisfactory manner, maintaining TSC Satisfactory Academic Progress and continuing to show financial need.
  22. Will work study be guaranteed from year to year?
    No, there are several factors that can determine whether or not you receive work-study from year to year. These include your family income or financial need and how much work-study funding our school receives that year.

    IMPORTANT! If you receive additional resources, such as scholarships or tuition waivers, the Office of Financial Aid may have to reduce your Work-Study award amount. If this happens, you and your employer will be notified promptly.

  23. If I registered for 6 hours on the Fall/Spring semester and I drop course of 3 hours, will I be eligible to keep working as a Work-Study?
    No, under no circumstances may a student continue Work-Study employment after dropping below half-time enrollment.  During summer sessions if student registers for only one class for one (1) or three (3) credit hours and decide to drop the class, at that moment student will not be able to continue Work-Study employment.
  24. Why is Work-Study not counted toward my tuition balance?
    Work-study funds are paid out directly to the student in a form of a paycheck. However, since the checks will be made payable to you, you have the option of using those funds to pay on your tuition balances or school expenses.
  25. Can an international student apply for Work-Study?
    International students are not eligible for the Work-Study program at this time.
  26. Are taxes taken out of my work-study earning?
    Yes, if you earn enough according to IRS tax rules.