Supervisor Information

Request to Hire a Student

If you would like to have a work-study eligibility reviewed for an open position in your office please submit the Work-Study Job Request Form to Financial Aid Office.  You will receive a response on the work-study’s eligibility within 15 business day.

If your office currently has work-study and need more positions please submit the Work-Study Job Request form to Financial Aid Office. You will receive a response on the work-study’s eligibility within 15 business day.

Job Description & Employment Standards

Each department that hires work-studies has different job responsibilities and expectations for the employees.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide the student with a job description for the position they are being offered.  Additionally, the supervisor should communicate the work standard that will be expected from all employees.  We recommend that minimally you provide a formalized list of work expectations and guidelines that is given to each student.

The Hiring Process

  1. Once the Work-Study Job Requested Form is approved, supervisor can set up an appointment with Financial Aid to review all the work-study applications.
  2. Supervisor needs to set up appointment with applicants for the interview process.
  3. Once supervisor finished with all the interviews, supervisor needs to make a decision on who will be hire.
  4. Supervisor needs to send the all the original interview forms completed of the prospect. Please submit the rest of the original interview documents of the students that were not selected it for this position. Forms that you need to submit of the new prospect are the following:
    1.  Screening Committee Confidentiality Statement form for each student
    2. College Work-Study Interview Questions
    3. Interview Check Sheet
    4. Reference Rating Sheets (Total of 3 forms)
  5. Financial Aid will award student and will create College Work-Study Referral Form
  6. College Work-Study Form Referral will be submitted to Human Resources for the final process.
  7. Human Resources conducts Criminal Background check (CBC). Once has cleared, the office of Human Resources signs the Referral Form.
  8. Human Resources will send CWS Referral form to the department of Financial Aid.
  9. Financial Aid will send to supervisor the CWS Referral Form and the CWS Contract Program form (At this point, student can’t work until he/she completes everything in Human Resources).
  10. Human Resources will call student for the hiring process. Once everything is complete, Human Resources will provide student an Authorization to Report to Work Form.
  11. Student will be able to start working in your department immediately once they have on hand the Authorization to Report to Work Form.

College Work-Study Referrals

College Work-Study Referrals are the student’s contract. This Referral is valid only for the current semester. Financial Aid will send an email to supervisor before the semester is over to verify if you want to continue with the student or if you want to terminate the student.

If you decide to keep the work-study for the following semester please forward the email stating who you will like to keep. Financial Aid will work on CWS Referral Form and will submit it to Human Resources. Once is clear from Human Resources, Financial Aid will send to supervisor the Referral for signatures from you the supervisor and the student. CWS Referral is going to reflect how many hours per week student can work.

If you decide to terminate the work-study. Please complete the CWS Termination Form and submit original form to Financial Aid.

College Work-Study Time Cards

Supervisors need to review and approve each time card. You need to verity students work only the hours that they have under their contract. Students can’t exceed their contract hours per week.  Work-study needs to follow the TSC Payroll Calendar. If supervisor needs the work-study to work more hours, supervisor needs to request those hours to Financial Aid for an approval.

College Work-Study Evaluations

Before semester ends supervisors should complete a College Work-Work Study Evaluation of each employee and discuss their evaluation of their performance. These evaluations should then be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Supervisors needs to submit evaluations each semester.

Terminating Employment

Termination of a Work-Study employment may occur for several reasons. Some students may resign, a supervisor may recommend termination (Contact Human Resources or Financial Aid for more information) or the Financial Aid office may terminate employment when a student has reached the maximum work award.
If a supervisor feels a student has not performed the job as requested, has been excessively tardy or absent or is not abiding by the terms of employment the supervisor may request termination of a student’s employment.  Supervisor should recommend termination only after discussing the employment issue with the student and providing the student warning and an opportunity to correct the issue.  Please contact Human Resources or Financial Aid office before you terminate student.

If a student is terminated, the supervisor needs to complete the College Work-Study Termination form and submit it to Financial Aid with a copy of the Revised Time Card. Original Revised Time Card needs to be send to Payroll.