How to Apply for Work-Study

  1. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must submit a FAFSA for each academic year in which they want to participate in the work-study program.  
  2. Search for Work-Study job postings online or on the Financial Aid Board located on Student Services Oliveira Building.
  3. Check with one of the representatives at Financial Aid Office if you are eligible for work-study.
  4. Pick up a Work-Study Application from Financial Aid Office or Print Here.
  5. Submit your Complete Work-Study Application, Resume and your three References (only name and phone numbers).
    IMPORTANT! You need to be registered for at least 6 credit hours for fall/spring and 1 credit hour for each summer session. We recommend to try to submit your complete application each semester and at least 3 weeks before the semester starts.
  6. Supervisor’s from the department that you applied will review applications and will call to set up interviews.
  7. The supervisor will select a candidate and will submit documents to Financial Aid Office to continue with the process.
  8. Financial Aid will award student and create Work-Study Referral that will be sent to Human Resources for processing.
  9. Human Resources will call the student to complete all the appropriate documents for the Work-Study Position if hired.
  10. Human Resources will provide students with an “Authorization to Report to Work form.†The student is responsible for returning this form to their supervisor.
  11. You are ready to Work!