Academic and Student Services

TSC Student Handbook
Do you know your student rights or do you know where to go if you have an issue with your instructor? All student information regarding student procedures and policies, such as academic calendars, grading policies, and refund policies, can be found in the TSC Student Handbook. Click on the link above to take you directly to your TSC Student Handbook.

TSC Catalog
Whether you plan to transfer to a university or immediately enter the workforce upon graduation, TSC offers a pathway for you. Information about all educational programs and academic procedures and policies, such as admission procedures, program requirements, and graduation policies, can be found in the TSC Catalog. Click the link above to take you directly to your TSC Catalog.

Campus Security
Your safety is TSC’s highest concern. Everyone within the campus community can help create a safe environment. You are encouraged to report all safety concerns by calling campus security at 956-295-3700. Click the link above to learn more about Campus Security.

Counseling Services
As a TSC student, you have access to counseling services. A licensed professional counselor can help you navigate through life. The TSC Counseling Office provides mental health and substance abuse services at no cost to you. Contact with the TSC Counseling Office is confidential and will not part of your academic record. Counseling staff operates within professional ethical guidelines and both federal and state laws that protect the privacy of your mental health records and assures the quality of services. Click the link above to learn more about services, location, and hours of operations.

Disability Services
If you have a disability, the Office of Disabilities can assist you. The disability counselor can work with you to arrange for accommodations, technology training, or other needs. If you need disabilities services or just want to know more information, please click the link above.

IT Help Desk
The Texas Southmost College IT Help Desk can offer you technical assistance for your electronic devices, MyTSC, or Canvas. The IT Help Desk can also help you purchase software for your electronic devices at student discount prices. Click the link above to learn more about their services.

The library is a shared service between Texas Southmost College and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The Library’s main function is to provide you with educational support. As a TSC student, you have access to various digital and print resources. Whether you are looking for credible sources for your research paper or need a space to study for your exams, the Library is your space. Click the link above to visit the library website.

Rave Emergency Notification System
Rave Emergency Notifications are issued as part of TSC’s crisis management program. Emergency notifications will alert and inform you on what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency situation. Click above to learn how to register for Rave, so you can give notifications on your personal cell phone.

Veterans and Military Services
If you are a veteran or an active member of our military services, the Office of Veterans and Military Services is here to support you and your family members by providing resources to facilitate the transition from military to academic life. Our goal is to provide an environment where veterans can gather to share experiences and support one another through the educational process. Click on the link above to learn more about our services.