Take these steps to obtain your degree or certificate

Are you eligible to graduate? We’ll take you through the process of receiving your diploma.

Texas Southmost College Commencement


Current Student Graduation Process

TSC will automatically award degrees to students who have completed requirements without having to submit an application.

  • Each semester Advisors run a Degree Audit for each student that qualify for graduation based on total credits earned. The Degree Audit is used to indicate that a student is completing their degree or certificate award and wants to have it reviewed and awarded when completed.
  • Your Advisor will send you an email to confirm the submission of your record for graduation.
  • Graduation will audit your record and alert you to the findings. You will receive an email that indicates one of the following statuses.
Official Degree Audit Statuses
Status Explanation
All Requirements Met You have completed all the requirements necessary to graduate
Pending Requirements Upon successful completion of your current enrollment, you will complete all requirements necessary to graduate.
Not all requirements have been met You must complete additional courses in order to graduate.


Allow six weeks for processing following your email or the start of the semester.

Degree & College requirements

To be awarded an Associate Degree or Certificate, you must:

  • Complete all required courses and semester credit hours for the specific degree or certificate.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all coursework completed at TSC (excluding developmental-level coursework).
  • Submit official transcripts of all coursework attempted at other colleges and universities.
  • Earn a “C†or better for all degree requirements for the technical program major in Associate of Applied Science Degree or Certificate programs.
  • Earn at least 25% of degree hours required for graduation in residency at TSC.
  • Fulfill all Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.
  • Be in Good Academic Standing at the end of the term you are receiving the degree.


At the time of graduation, students earning an associate degree will be recognized for sustained scholastic excellence by graduating with appropriate honors.  Honors will be based upon a student’s cumulative grade point average on all non-developmental undergraduate hours completed.  If courses have been repeated, the last grade recorded will be used in determining grade point average.

Honors are as follows:

  • Summa cum laude: 3.900-4.000
  • Magna cum laude: 3.700-3.899
  • Cum laude: 3.500-3.699

Attend commencement

A formal graduation ceremony is held at the close of the regular Spring and Fall semesters. There is no ceremony at the end of the Summer semester. Students who will be graduating in the Summer can attend either the Spring or Fall graduation ceremony.

Graduates will be given the opportunity to indicate their interest to participate in the respective ceremony once the status of graduation has been determined. An email with a link will be sent to you to fill out a Candidate Information Card.

Participation in Commencement does not imply that you have graduated or will graduate with a degree/certificate.

Please visit commencement for important details on the place, date and time.

Receive your diploma or certificate

Following commencement, Admissions and Records will have your diploma available for pick up.  You will receive notice via email with instructions on pickup when your diploma is ready.

If you prefer for us to mail out your diploma, please indicate this on your Candidate Information Card.

Allow four weeks for processing official degrees and certificates.