New Canvas users may encounter new terminology throughout Canvas. This lesson is a glossary that identifies the most common terms used in Canvas.

An Account represents an administrative organization unit within Canvas. Every instance of Canvas has the potential to contain a hierarchy of accounts but begins with just one account (referred to as the top-level account). An account can also contain a subaccount. Canvas admins can manage all accounts and subaccounts for their institutions.

Account also refers to a user account, which houses a user’s profile, notifications, files, settings, and ePortfolios.

Activity Stream
An Activity Stream displays all recent activity in Canvas. There are two types of Activity Streams in Canvas: Global and Course. The Global Activity Stream is part of the Dashboard and shows recent activity for all courses. The Course Activity Stream is part of a Course Home Page and shows recent activity for a specific course.

Announcements is a communication tool that allows instructors to post announcements for all users in a course. Announcements can be created in courses and groups. Canvas admins can also make announcements for an entire Canvas account. Instructors can allow students to reply to announcements.

Announcements is a link in Course Navigation.

An assignment is any activity assessment that is created by the instructor. Assignments can include Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes. Some assignments are submitted for no grade. Other assignments may be submitted offline but tracked in the Canvas Gradebook or be submitted online.

Assignments is a link in Course Navigation. The Assignments page lists all assignment types in a course.

Beta means a version of a product that is used for testing. Each Canvas account has a beta environment to use for exploring new features before they are released in the production environment. Canvas does not require customers to test products but feedback is always welcome.

Breadcrumbs are the trail at the top of a page window that helps users see what page they are viewing in the course hierarchy