Advisor/Student Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilites:

  • Assist students identify a program of study
  • Guide students in mapping the road towards graduation according to program of study
  • Inform about academic policies and practices
  • Alert about TSC academic and personal resources
  • Respect students and be sensitive to their academic needs
  • Stay abreast of changes in academic policies and latest trends in advisement and communicate that to students
  • Provide a supportive environment which promotes developing educational plans compatible with career aspirations.
  • Facilitate a successful transition to the institution

Student Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with the information and resources available on the TSC website.
  • Develop and maintain a plan for respective program of study.
  • Schedule appointments as needed during the academic term and be prepared to meet with an advisor by bringing pertinent information and materials. Prepare a list of questions.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with your academic advisor regarding issues that affect your educational goals and academic performance.
  • Be aware of registration-related deadlines.
  • Maintain current contact information (address, local/cell, and permanent phone numbers) in the TSC Student Information System.
  • Assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and successful completion of graduation requirements.