Anonymous Sexual Assault Reporting

At Texas Southmost College, we are committed to the prevention of all forms of sexual assault and abuse. Reporting an incident of sexual misconduct is a difficult, yet important decision. We encourage survivors and members of our community to report sexual misconduct. Making a report may help with recovery, provide support and services, and prevent the offender from committing further violence.

Who should report?
Any faculty, staff or student having knowledge or reasonable suspicion that an incident of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, or sexual harassment has taken place.

Can I remain Anonymous?
Reporters and survivors may remain anonymous. The report form need not include the name of the survivor or the accused, unless the survivor or reporter chooses to include them. Filing an anonymous report will ensure that information is recorded in the event the survivor would like to file a complaint at a later date. Survivors are encouraged to include their initials, in the event they would like to later file a formal complaint, although this is not required. Filing an anonymous report will not result in a police investigation.

Why should I report?
The information will be used so that TSC may strengthen education and prevention efforts related to sexual assault, dating violence and domestic violence. Statistical data also will be collected from the information provided. Survivors may also use the form to request support.

What happens to the information provided?
TSC has a federal obligation to investigate complaints regarding sexual assault and take immediate action, including procedural steps, to reasonably end the behavior and to prevent the behavior from reoccurring.