Admission Procedures for Distance Learning Students

Texas Southmost College (TSC) ensures that a student’s identity is initially confirmed when the student visits the Office of Admissions & Records in person and provides an accepted form of ID such as a driver’s license, Texas ID, or passport. All students are required to submit appropriate admission documentation in person, by fax (except official transcripts), via email or by mail to complete their admissions application. However, in order for students to receive their TSC credentials (username and password), students must come in person and provide an accepted form of ID such as a driver license, Texas ID, or Passport. Students are able to receive these credentials once their admissions application is processed. In the event that the student is unable to visit the Admissions and Records Office in person, students are allowed to receive their TSC credentials by submitting their driver license, Texas ID card or passport through fax, email or by mail. However, once the office receives the documentation, an Enrollment Specialist will contact the student via email to provide a link to video conference. Students are then asked to validate their first and last name, last 4 digits of their social security number, date of birth and home address to ensure the student’s identity.