Employment Process

Employment Files

  1. All TSC –VS applicants shall complete the College’s Visiting Scholar online interest/application form. Information provided on the form shall be verified before an offer is made.
  2. A pre-contractual Scholar file shall be created consisting of a completed TSC-VS interest/application form and all related documents. This file shall become property of the College.
  3. If offered a TSC -VS contract by the College, the applicant file shall become the employee’s permanent personnel file and all correspondence, evaluations, and other information relative to reemployment shall be placed in this file.

Screening Guidelines

  1. All applications and related documents are reviewed by the Divisional Dean to determine if they meet job requirements and divisional needs.


  1. The Vice President of Instruction shall review the TSC Visiting Scholar information.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Office of Human Resources to inform the new TSC Visiting Scholar that two forms of acceptable identification will be required to verify legal identify and employability. These documents must be provided to the Office of Human Resources. For I- 9 purposes, a copy of proper identification and documentation of employability in the United States will be needed. If a completed I-9 form is not provided by the employee by the third day of work, the employment action will be cancelled and a later starting date will be identified.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will complete a final review to ensure all required documentation has been provided by the successful candidate before forwarding the file to the President.
  4. Upon final approval of contract, a letter of offer and/or letter of appointment will be sent to the selected candidate.