Securing your Admission

The Engineering Academy is for first-time, full-time students and continuing students that have achieved a high school diploma or equivalent and are pre-calculus or calculus ready as determined by Texas Southmost College. Students interested in the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at Texas Southmost College must first secure admission to Texas Southmost College.

First-time, full-time students should submit the following:

Continuing students should submit the following Application of Interest.

Texas Southmost College will provide pre-qualified students the link to the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application. The following methods are used for prequalification:

    1. Standardized test scores
      1. Minimum 22 in Math on ACT, or
      2. Minimum 550 in Math on SAT
    2. Credit for MATH 1314 or higher on current TSC transcript OR
    3. Transfer credit for MATH 1314 or higher from another institution OR
    4. Credit by exam (AP, CLEP, IB) for MATH 1314 or higher OR
    5. Valid score on internal math assessment test for MATH 1314 (Students need a 70 or higher)

Please note that students must be ready to enroll in MATH 2413 (Calculus 1) or higher beginning in fall 2020.  Prequalified students who have not completed MATH 2412 (Pre-calculus) must plan to complete the course during summer 2020.

TSC will start prequalifying students in the month of February. The Texas A&M Engineering Academy application opens January 1, 2020. The Engineering Academy application closes June 30, 2020.  The deadline to submit supporting credentials (test scores, transcripts, etc.) is July 13, 2020.  Detailed information about this process can be found on the Texas A&M Engineering Academy application student guide.

The Office of Admissions at Texas A&M will begin making admission decisions in April 2020. Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission from Texas A&M University to the Engineering Academy at Texas Southmost College and will be advised on how to accept the offer and register for courses. Students will have until August 1, 2020 to accept the offer.

Students admitted and enrolled in the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy program are engineering students in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and enrolled at Texas Southmost College. Once enrolled, all courses must be completed through Texas Southmost College and Texas A&M University-College Station.