Physics/Robotics Summer Camps

This track is actually two linked, virtual camps that together form 5 weeks of activities. Participants will be assigned to either the Physics Camp or the Robotics Camp for the first 12 days (June 21-July 6, 2021), and then switch to the other camp for the last 12 days (July 7- 22, 2021). Participants must choose either the morning session (9-11:30AM) or afternoon session (1-3:30PM) when completing the application.

This track will be delivered through Zoom and Canvas, TSC’s learning management system, and will involve a combination of online, simulated labs and hands-on at home activities using kits that will be provided to participants.

The Physics Camp, “Discovering How Things Work,” will introduce students to physics concepts and scientific modeling through a series of projects. Activities will illustrate Newton’s laws of motion and the forces acting on objects in motion. Other activities will focus on energy transformations and complex applications of hydraulics. Activities will be supported with materials provided in a kit.

Robot Programming, the Robotics Camp, will span through different activities allowing students to engage with real-world topics in order to apply and develop their programming skills. Students participating in the activities will use a virtual platform to design, build, and program small-scale vehicular robots without the need of prior knowledge or formal training in engineering or computer programming. Participants will create virtual robots that will do simple driving, turning, reversing, and following lines and patterns.