Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science Program at Texas Southmost College! Computer science is a discipline of engineering that prepares students to design, create, test, and evaluate application software such as computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, artificial intelligence, or robotics. It focuses in theoretical studies and the methods used to solve problems and it expands into the practical issues needed to implement new computer systems. In simple terms, Computer Science is the study and development of new computer technology!

Students of Computer Science enjoy challenges and the constant learning of new technology and programming languages. They will find jobs in the fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence, telephony, computer networking, telecommunications, database systems programming, computer graphics, computer gaming, embedded systems programming, operating system design, and computer architecture design, just to name a few.

The faculty at Texas Southmost College provides students with the courses needed in science, mathematics, and programming to lay a foundation for a career in Computer Science. After completion of an Associate of Science in Computer Science, students can transfer to a bachelor’s program at a university of their choosing.

Renata Lara
Instructor – Computer Science
301 Mexico Blvd
Brownsville, TX 78520
[email protected]
(956) 295-3746