Mission, Philosophy & Goals

Consistent with the mission of Texas Southmost College, the faculty of the Paralegal Studies program is committed to provide students with an education that encompasses the theoretical, practical, and ethical skills necessary for gainful employment in a career as a paralegal.

Consistent with the college’s values, the Paralegal Studies program strives to serve the workforce needs of the legal community by teaching students to understand legal concepts and their practical application. The paralegal studies program seeks to improve verbal and written communication skills. Students develop proficiency in using legal terminology as well as gain the knowledge necessary to meet the ethical obligations of paralegals and attorneys.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO)

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO) are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do or be able to demonstrate when they have completed in a program.

  • PSLO (1) Use appropriate software skills to draft legal documents.
  • PSLO (2) Demonstrate proper ethical behavior in a legal environment.
  • PSLO (3) Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and relationships within a legal environment.
  • PSLO (4) Apply legal terminology to draft legal documents.
  • PSLO (5) Identify basic principles and structures of the legal system in the law office.