Division of Humanities

McCormackDr. McCormack

Welcome to the Division of Humanities at Texas Southmost College! The Division of Humanities offers a variety of educational programs designed to provide students with excellent preparation to handle the demands of the modern workplace, as well as those of higher education. We offer degree programs in the fields of Art, Business, Criminal Justice, General Studies, Social Work, and Teaching.

Our Associate Degree programs are primarily designed to prepare students with foundational knowledge in the various Liberal Arts, which have been recognized for centuries as the cornerstone of a well-rounded education. Completion of an Associate’s Degree at TSC is excellent preparation for further academic study and is the first step in the pursuit of a higher-level degree.

We also recognize that some students may not require a four-year degree in order to achieve their immediate goals. For those students who wish to enter the workforce more quickly-with the knowledge and skills required to build a successful and satisfying career in their chosen fields-our Associate Degree programs offer solid preparation!

So whether you are eager to join the workforce in the near future or you wish to save money while completing the core curriculum requirements for a 4-year degree, the Division of Humanities is committed to helping you succeed! Please review our programs to see if we don’t have something for you. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me directly.