Selection Process

Prospective students submitting an application to the Respiratory Care Science Program will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Prerequisite Course Completion and Scoring:
Prerequisite courses will be scored based upon the letter grade earned for each course. Each letter grade will be converted to a numeric equivalent. Students making an A grade in a prerequisite course will receive 4 points, B grades will receive 3 points, and C grades will receive 2 points. D and F grades will not be considered. Students completing BIOL 2301 and 2302 will have their numeric equivalent scores for each of these courses averaged. The maximum score for this section will be 16 points.

Students submitting an application on or before the last working day in May with all prerequisites completed will be given priority status in the selection process. Students completing prerequisites in the Summer sessions may not be considered for acceptance if the program has met the enrollment capacity for a given academic year.

2. GPA Scoring
Prerequisite GPA will be scored according to the conventional calculation of college GPA (quality points divided by semester credit hours). The GPA will be part of the prospective student’s total score. The maximum score for this section will be 4 points.

3. Points awarded for a previous degree
Bachelor’s = 4
Associate’s = 2

4. Application Letter or Letter of Intent
The application letter or letter of intent entitled “Why I Have Chosen the Respiratory Care Profession†will be handwritten not typed single space and one page in length. The maximum score for this section will be 10 points.
Letters with grammatical/typographical errors, or that are too brief or lengthy will receive a reduction in points. A five-point reduction in score will be given for improper length and/or grammatical/typographical error.



Maximum Score


Prerequisite Courses:
  • ENGL 1301


  • MATH 1314


  • BIOL 2301


  • BIOL 2302



GPA Scoring:



Previous Degree



Application Letter or Letter of Intent


Total Score

34 Points


Please use this form to help you know if you meet the requirements to apply. The score at the bottom will be used in considering your admission to this program.