Medical Radiographic Imaging

Radiology Students

The radiologic technologist (radiographer) plays an important role on the medical team as a technical assistant to the radiologist, a physician who specialized in the use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment. The radiologic technologist’s duties may include adjustment and maintenance of equipment, positioning of patients, processing the image, and operation of mobile x-ray equipment As they perform these important duties, radiologic technologists enjoy the prestige of being a vital and dependable part of the medical team.

The Radiologic Technology Program requires only two years of full-time study, including summers, for completion. Demand for radiologic technologists is growing locally. Salaries for radiologic technologists continue to increase, and many radiologic technologists enjoy the generous benefit packages associated with professional employment.

Radiologic technologists are employed primarily in hospitals, but some work in clinics and doctor’s offices. Promotion to supervisory positions is a possibility for working radiologic technologists, as is movement into technical positions dealing with CT, MRIs and interventional radiography.

Some students enter the program because they are motivated to help people who are ill, and others see a degree in radiologic technology as a stepping stone to further their education within the medical field.

Conducted in cooperation with radiology departments at area hospitals, technical and clinical instruction is conducted by a clinical instructor and hospital staff technologists. Because the program depends on on-site instruction, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus and to all clinical facilities.