Program Documents

Emergency Medical Science Student Policy Handbook


Expected additional course costs

  • Background check and drug test (This is a one-time fee)
  • Immunizations (if not previously completed) – Including the current year Flu shot
  • Uniform shirt(s)
  • Uniform Pants
  • Black Boots
  • Black Belt
  • Stethoscope
  • Penlight/ flashlight
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Eye Protection (that meets OSHA standard)
  • Paper and printer ink (there are many documents that the student will be expected to print)
  • (Optional) BP Cuff
  • Books
  • (For use in EMSP 1501 and 1160)… Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (DO NOT PURCHASE PRIOR TO ORIENTATION)
  • (For use in all other EMSP courses) … Emergency Care in the Streets (DO NOT PURCHSE PRIOR TO ORIENTATION)
  • BLS (must be purchased prior to EMT section (EMSP 1501 and 1160) of the program, 1st semester)
  • ACLS (Must be purchased prior to the Cardiology (EMSP 2444) section of the program, 2nd fall semester)
  • PALS (Must be purchased prior to the Special Patients(EMSP 2330) section of the program, Summer semester)
  • (OPTIONAL) Handbook of ECC (recommended to purchase prior to the EMT section as this may be referenced in all courses of the program)