Frequently Asked Questions

May I substitute PHYS 1305 Elementary Physics I with general college physics?

No. PHYS 1305 Elementary Physics I must be completed by all applicants prior to application.

Will I have to travel to complete my clinical assignments?

Yes, the program uses clinical affiliates from Brownsville to Mission.

Do I have to complete an A.A.S. degree prior to program application?

No, the student must only complete the pre-requisites and is highly encouraged to seek advising with DMS faculty.

May I select the medical center I want to attend for my clinical experience?

The Clinical Coordinator will assign you to four rotations throughout the program. The student’s place of residency, technical level and learning ability is considered prior to assignment.

Do I have to complete all prerequisites prior to application?

Students are encouraged to begin a file as soon as possible and to seek advising with a DMS Program faculty member.

However, if all pre-requisites have not been completed by the application deadline, the student will not be considered a candidate even if an application was submitted.