Course Descriptions

Professor lecturing in class.

Accelerated 8-Week Programs

Professor demonstrating something in a book to a student.

Acceleration is the reorganization of instruction and curricula into 8-week courses in order to expedite the completion of developmental education coursework. TSC students have the opportunity to complete two levels of developmental education coursework in one semester. The sequence of INRW-0421 and INRW-0422 courses constitutes the two components of our accelerated programs.

Co-requisite Programs

Co-requisite courses give developmental education students the opportunity to enroll in credit-bearing courses while simultaneously completing their developmental education coursework. TSC students will transfer learning strategies and skills to general education (non-developmental) courses.

College Prep Programs

College Prep Programs give TSC students an opportunity to immediately begin general (non-developmental education) courses. Students who are placed into the highest level of developmental education courses have the opportunity to enroll in a one or two-week workshop before the Fall semester begins. During these workshops, students’ strengths and needs will be identified, and students will refine and build reading and writing skills necessary for college-level work. Once they complete and pass this workshop, they will be able to enroll in their general education courses in the Fall.