CPS English and Reading

Professor showing students something on a laptop.

If you have just enrolled in a College Preparatory reading or writing course, you are in good hands. If your goals include discovering your potential as a college student, expanding your horizons and opportunities, and reaching major milestones in your collegiate career, you are in the right place.

The main objective of our instruction is to offer you a solid foundation in written and oral communication, vocabulary development, and grammar. so you are prepared to handle the rigor in college-level courses. n. Our courses develop and enhance your basic reading and writing skills, reveal and cultivate your talents, bolster your confidence, and consequently, ensure you better chances for academic success and life opportunities.

Our classes are smaller than typical college classes, and this allows us to offer you more individualized attention. Our workshop settings and use of technology, allow for regular hands-on practice and frequent one-on-one feedback from instructors.

We hope that when you successfully complete our courses, you will have developed not only a solid foundation for succeeding in college, but also a lifelong appreciation for the craft of effective writing, for the rewards of skillful reading, and for the ability to communicate effectively in English.

We are here to help you achieve your college, career, and personal goals.