The Child Care and Development program came into existence at Texas Southmost College in the early 1970’s. By January 1982, the program was fully established and provided a strong foundation in Child Development and provided supervised Field Training with children from birth to school age in a developmentally appropriate lab setting. As part of an agreement with the Texas Education Agency, a campus laboratory school was built and opened in January 1982. On the 7th day of March, 1983, the Southmost Union Junior College District officially designated the name of “Raul J. Guerra Day Care Center” to the building formerly identified as Day Care Center. -Mr. Raul J. Guerra, Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees was most instrumental in the formulation of policies which resulted in the erection of the Day Care Center.

The purpose of the center is two-fold. It provides an environment to enhance each child’s development as socially, emotionally, and physically and intellectually competent individual. It also provides a setting for college students in Child Development/Early Childhood as well as related fields of study, to observe and gain practical experience in working with young children.