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MATH LINKS—The four content areas for Math are as follows: Elementary Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, Intermediate Algebra and Functions, Data Analysis/Statistics and Probability.

  1. Khan Academy math tutoring online
  2. Your Teacher Math Test Prep
  3. Math Planet offers math videos, examples and explanations
  4. Algebra help Lessons, calculators and worksheets
  5. Introduction to Elementary Algebra

READING LINKS—The four content areas for Reading are as follows: Literary Analysis, Inferences in a Text or Texts, Main Idea and Supporting Details and Author’s Use of Language.

  1. English Hints.com
  2. Study Guide Zone
  3. Accuplacer Practice test – Free Sample
  4. Test Prep Review – Free online practice tests
  5. Houston Community College Pre-Assessment Activity

WRITING LINKS—The four content areas for Writing are as follows: Essay Revision, Sentence Structure, Agreement, and Sentence Logic.

  1. Accuplacer Essay- YouTube
  2. How to Write an Essay - Beginner's Guide

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