Job Descriptions


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pdfAcademic Advisor

pdfAcademic Department Chair Job


pdfAccounting Supervisor

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Accounting

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Automotive Technology

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Business Management and Technology

pdfAdjunct Instructor, CE Criminal Justice Institute

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Chemistry

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Commercial and Residential Electrician

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Construction Technology

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Faculty

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Mathematics

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Respiratory Care Program

pdfAdjunct Instructor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

pdfAdmissions Specialist

pdfAdministrative Accounting Clerk

pdfAdministrative Assistant

pdfAdministrative Assistant Marketing

pdfAssociate VP of Instruction

pdfAssociate VP of Instruction – Academic Success

pdfAssociate VP of Instruction – Workforce Development

pdfAudio-Visual Production Manager

pdfAudio-Visual Production Technician

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pdfBudget Analyst

pdfBudget Supervisor

pdfBuilding Maintenance Supervisor

pdfBuilding Maintenance Worker

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pdfChild Center Cook

pdfChild Development Specialist

pdfChild Development Specialist Assistant

pdfCollege Transition Specialist


pdfControls Specialist

pdfCoordinator of Admissions and Dual Enrollment

pdfCoordinator of Advising and Orientation

pdfCoordinator of Conflict Resolution

pdfCoordinator of Financial Aid Programs

pdfCoordinator of Grants Development and Administration

pdfCoordinator of High School Programs and Services

pdfCoordinator of Intramural Sports

pdfCoordinator of Program Administration and Evaluation Revised

pdfCoordinator of Purchasing

pdfCoordinator of Recreation Center

pdfCoordinator of Risk Management

pdfCoordinator of Student Development

pdfCoordinator of Student Recruitment

pdfCoordinator of Testing

pdfCoordinator of Training and Development


pdfCoordinator of Transfer, Career and Employment Services

pdfCoordinator of Veteran and Military Services



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pdfDean College Preparatory Studies

pdfDean of HCCTE

pdfDean of Humanities

pdfDean of STEM-CTE

pdfDirector Employee Benefits and Compensation

pdfDirector of Admissions and Records

pdfDirector of Business Services

pdfDirector of Criminal Justice Institute

pdfDirector of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation

pdfDirector of Facilities and Physical Plant

pdfDirector of Financial Aid

pdfDirector of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness

pdfDirector of Marketing and Community Relations

pdfDirector of Recreation Center

pdfDirector of Student Life

pdfDirector of WTCE

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pdfEarly College High School Liaison


pdfExecutive Assistant to the President

pdfExecutive Director of Human Resources

pdfExecutive Director of Workforce Training and Continuing Education

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pdfFacilities Scheduling Specialist


pdfFinancial Aid Specialist

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pdfGrounds Maintenance Worker

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pdfHuman Resource Generalist

pdfHVAC Supervisor

pdfHVAC Technician

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pdfInstructional Assistant-Natural Sciences

pdfInstructional Assistant-Sciences



pdfInstructional Technologist

pdfInstructor, Automotive Technology

pdfInstructor, Commercial and Residential Electrician

pdfInstructor, HVAC-R

pdfInstructor, Medical Office Management

pdfInstructor, Respiratory Care, and HPRS

pdfInstructor, RSPT Care Program_Clinical Coor

pdfIntramural and Sports Specialist

pdfInventory Clerk

pdfInventory Supervisor

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pdfLab Supervisor


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pdfManager of Child Care Center

pdfMarketing Specialist

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pdfOffice Assistant - Child Care Center

pdfOffice Assistant - Student Services

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pdfPayroll Specialist


pdfProgram Director DMS

pdfProgram Director EMS

pdfProgram Director LVN

pdfProgram Director MLT

pdfProgram Director RADR

pdfProgram Director RSPT

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pdfReporting and Compliance Specialist - Admissions

pdfReporting and Compliance Specialist - Financial Aid

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pdfSign Language Interpreter

pdfSenior Accounting Clerk

pdfSenior Administrative Assistant

pdfStudent Recruitment Specialist

pdfStudent Services Specialist

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pdfTesting Specialist


pdfTutor - L2S Leader

pdfTutor Assistant

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pdfVP of Finance and Administration

pdfVP of Institutional Advancement and Workforce Training

pdfVP of Instruction

pdfVP of Student Services

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