Veterans and Military Services


CHAPTER 30 - Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty

CHAPTER 31 - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

  • Active duty service members are eligible if they:
    • Expect to receive an honorable discharge upon separation from active duty;
    • Obtain a memorandum rating of 20% or more from the VA;
    • Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccess services.
  • Veterans are eligible if they:
    • Have received or will receive a discharge that is other than dishonorable;
    • Have a service – connected disability rating or at least 10%, or a memorandum rating or 20% or more from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA);
    • Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccesss services.
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CHAPTER 33 - Post 9/11

  • ELIGIBILITY – Service members who served on active duty for at least 90 aggregate days after 9/11/2001.
  • BENEFITS – Eligibility after completing 90 days of aggregate service. Based on number of months on active duty (Tuition and fees, BAH, Books).
  • ENTITLEMENT – 36 months. May extend to end of term if expires during term. NOTE: 48 months max under – if there is a kicker, the kicker does not extend.
  • EXPIRATION DATE – 15 years from last discharge or separation.
  • 6 HOUR 1 TIME DROP RULE – you can drop up to 6 hours in 1 semester only. Example you drop 3 hours out of 12 in Fall 2013 you don't have to pay anything back to the VA. Now you drop another 3 hour course in Spring 2014 you will have to pay money back to the VA.
  • BAH - will only be paid if attending 7 credit hours or more.
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CHAPTER 35 - Survivors and Dependent's Education Assistance (DEA)

CHAPTER 1606 - Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve


  • Exempts qualified veterans and children of certain disabled or deceased veterans from specific tuition and fee charges at public institutions in Texas, with a maximum of 150 credit hours. Veterans must be a resident of Texas at the time of enlistment and serve more than 180 days of active duty and discharge must be honorable or general. Hazlewood recipients are responsible for e-book fees, parking fees and Student Service fees.
  • Legacy recipients are required to follow TSC financial aid Policy as well as their declared program of study.
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