Priority Registration

The Spring 2019 Schedule of Classes will be available November 5, 2018, so now is the time to meet your academic advisor to plan your Spring 2019 schedule and make sure you are on track.
All students should make an appointment to meet with your advisor each semester prior to registration.

Priority Registration Checklist

  1. Have a Plan
    Review your degree plan and based on degree requirements draft a list of courses you need to register for.

  2. Meet with Advisor
    Schedule a meeting with your advisor prior to the start of your registration date.  Bring your pre-advising plan (see step 1) and your student ID card.

  3. Clear Holds
    If you have holds on your account that affect your ability to register, they must be cleared.  Even when it is your time to register, if you still have any holds on your account (affecting registration) you will not be able to register. Login to TSC Online to check if you have any holds on your account.

  4. Check the Schedule
    Know when it is your turn to register.  Check the registration schedule and discuss with your advisor if you are unsure when it is your time to register.

    First time incoming college students, students on Probation and Dismissal, and any students who are not TSI complete or need Developmental Education courses, will not be able to register on their own. (Students must make an appointment with an advisor who will assist the student in registering their classes)
Spring 2019 Priority Registration Dates
Priority Registration DateHoursEarned
November 5-9 30 or more
November 10-30 0-29
December 3 Open Registration


How are priority registration assignments calculated?

  • Priority registration assignments are based on the number of hours you have earned (completed).
    • Included: Developmental education and credit-by-exam/experience
    • Not included: Hours in progress (currently enrolled but not completed fall hours will not count as earned hours for spring priority)

How do I find out my priority registration assignment?

  • Check your email: You will receive an email with your assigned priority registration day.

After you register, review your payment options and deadlines


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